Best New Kodi Build For March 2017 | Xenon – My New Favorite | Complete Walk-Through & installation


Xenon Build, My new Favorite!!:)

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  1. Jed’s Fire Builds aka Diggz Fire Builds are also available through Echo Wizard. and Jason Diggz has a FB group called Diggz Techtalk. Jason’s builds are top notch, you should check out his Eminence build as well.

    • Thank You Damon Rice, I have been trying to find Jed’s Fire builds but have been totally unsuccessful! Thanks to you, I can now find him under Diggz Fire Builds – You are Awesome!

  2. I have question i always here to do a Fresh Install before installing a new build. Question if I do a fresh install doesn’t that completely delete all other builds I currently have? Is there a way I can keep multiple different builds installed? I guess I’m confused about running Fresh install prior to installing a new build. Appreciate any help anyone can provide. I am new to Kodi and am learning. Thanks.

    • I can’t help on much but I do know this, you can not install but one build. You can uninstall a build (do a fresh install afterward), and then install another build but scratch the idea of adding more then one build at a time. You can add different add-ons though as many as your device will allow.

  3. OK. I downloaded 16.1 XXX ONLY off Ares. Now I can’t get into Adult Zone under Explore.. It’s asking for password. HELP ANYONE!!!??

  4. Hi there. If Jeds is not available? Tried Diggz Fire and a
    it says page cannot be found error? what other way can i get
    to Xenon? Thank you in advance 🙂


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