Best Kodi Build For New Amazon FireStick 2017


Showing you the Best kodi Build For Amazon Firestick, I explain what it has to offer and then show you how to install on your amazon firestick

Amazon Firestick I Use:


  1. I want to thank you for your videos… You are easy to follow and do a great job.. Thanks…. BUT…. I did have a problem with the spinztv build….. looks great looks better than any I have seen but… it made my Kodi crash…. it keeps flipping me back to firestick and only randomly will let me get in to kodi…. I need a reliable build… Please advise….

    • Nathan you are great. I spent 12 hours try to find the best build after my firesticks crash with this 17 update. Thank You.

      Mine is doing the same thing by stopping and going back to Amazon home screen. Also the vidoes headers on the main screens aren’t loading or showing. It shows Movies, TV Shows, Kids, and so on in the bar but it doesn’t video advertisment. I haven’t seen any updates eithers run. I have done a force shut off and a system shut off. Should I uninstall and try to reinstall?

    • Nichole I’m having the same issue after installing it on my firestick. It crashes n takes me back to the main home screen of amazon. Any luck fixin this yet??

    • From what I found out by downloading Spinz-Tv NOT Kodi we allowed a bug of some sort to enter our mine device. Our sleep mode is malfunctioning on the Firestick itself and there is nothing that can be done. other than every 28 min pause and unpause your decive to show it is active. I tried resetting it to factory. Downloading Kodi from another program. Turning the screen saver of to NEVER. How I know it is Spinz-TV. I have 3 devices. ALL of the devices I downloaded Kodi from the same original program but this one only had Spinz on it. It is the only device that has been shutting off since the program has been put on. Since then I have even tried factory reset new build, new settings, calling Amazon, new Kodi download program and more. Nothing has worked. Can you tell the guy that made this vidoe responds to all the other comments besides these. The one comment with the problem. I have reached out to other builder sites and they have helped me more. Try Supreme Builds. You can find their vidoes here or their chats on facebooks. Good luck.

  2. Great instructions & easy install, but I’m having some issues will no streams available. Do I need to add Fusion, also?

  3. Hi Nathan. At 24:47 when you’re going into the add ons/program add ons I have two options: spinztv wizard and spinz-tv pro. It no longer has the regular spinztv option available. What would you advise?

    • That worked, thank you! however, the shows I am attempting to search for and play from the exodus add on are either not playing or are extremely slow/buffering a lot. Any work around for this issue?

    • Joey Ricker i have a wireless adapter that emits the wifi throughout the house and it wasn’t strong enough to give a good signal to the firestick. Long story short I went to Best Buy to get a better adapter. Lol.

  4. Nathan I’ve used your previous tutorials to install on my Fire Stick & Fire Box and this Rocks ! This is the best one yet ! An easy install and it is excellent . Now trying to get the instant play function to work too like your Exodus tutorial !

  5. Your videos are Awesome and extremely helpful. I was wondering if you can make one explaining how to record live TV on Kodi? Nextpvr I think it’s called…


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