Here's the full configuration of xbmc & kodi. Step by step setup to get the most out of the media center. Install all the repos containing movies, tv shows, cartoons, live tv, live sports, etc.



Best device for kodi ever:


    • +Neron NEROS The mx8 is good, it really depends on price, the higher you go on price the better box you will buy. I once tried measy ultra 4k box and it was impressive how fast it was but it’s a $150 box.

    • pls recomend a box with a custom istall kodi ? no subscriptions is more desired or do i buy box and then try to find honest seller somewhere in the bad part of the web i never trust no one from there all want to make money using the ignorance of the clients and without providing the great service ,,, so do i go for over 200 us box or what i have no limit for that? i just want something better than ouya or android phone????

  1. Oh man, when I did this on the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Kodi Isengard (got it from the play store), I didn’t see the same amount of add-ons that you have, like it didn’t show all of them, it showed the basic ones then the few that came with TVMC. Please help me get all of them, thanks! God bless!

  2. Hi Soloman,
    I’m in the UK and have KODI on an Android Box. I wonder if you can help??? I seem to have all the add ons and apps but nothing in KODI actually plays. It seems to find the link.. starts to stream it or buffer it then just doesn’t play it – no error messages or faults showing. Its like the the default player isn’t connecting or something. It happens with all the links no matter what app within KODI. The internet is NOW working i have changed the Time-Zone to UK London and NOT China lol (that took me 6 weeks to figure out). Showbox and MobDro apps all work outside of KODI.
    Please please please please help!!! Thanks!! N

  3. soloman came preinstalled I have the soloman iptv links available in Spanish or English

    it don’t work lol please help I am new to kodi

    error msg soloman lists error check log for information

    error code 404

  4. Ive put in super repo an fusion. Exodus plays but cloud doesn’t play any sky channels a.why is this  I opened xip files podgod,exodus, an knorris. Is it best for uk user to delete an reinstall your way to get every app working,I’m new to this Kofi thanks


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