Tutorial – Best xbmc/kodi build for fire tv stick & android boxes. Live iptv, movies, tv shows, all working.

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  1. Soloman, Thanks for this great review. I love the build but my only issues is that I want to add my local movies and tv shows and dont know how to do it. The build is not that intuitive any advice to get that to work?

  2. I’m trying to install this build now i put in the link exactly like it says on here but it doesn’t work… after i put in the add on then go to file manager choose spartan then i see download this but it has 0b next to it

  3. buffering issues is not related to your Internet speed specifically but on how many request that particular server is receiving for that file. nothing you can do about it.

  4. yeee heads up to all on cellphones tryna get a login you know; on pc its a lotttt better. I wasn’t able to on my phone. I’m not sure about everyone else. just thought I’d put that out there m8, could help someone.

  5. tried 4 times today. keeps asking me to register. then it said that its changed to beast instead of repo at end. registered there too, Still gives me a “authentification error” And tells me to register at those 2 sites. WTF!!!

    Did all that. jezzzzz

  6. hi Solo Man, I am new to all this were do I start, I want to buy the stck but should I buy it unloaded or preloaded with kodi on it.

  7. This is asking me for a sign-n whats goin on.. I can see that it has settings to add an email and password. Please help.

  8. What would u say is one or more of the best builds for a tablet? Having a back button and home button in the lower corner helps out tons also. Thanks a lot and keep up the great videos. As u can probably tell, I’m fairly new to kodi. But, I love it and am actually getting an android box or some type of streaming device and cutting my cable cord next month. (took a little persuasion with the wife. But, she also now loves kodi and couldn’t agree more with having the cable cut off. ) Hope to hear back soon. If anyone else has any suggestions I’d love to hear them. Thanks again.

  9. hola amigo just to let you know that your videos are amazing hermano!! I don’t really don’t know a lot of technology but watching videos like this you help me a lot!! gracias y muchas bendiciones…


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