April 2017 How to Install Kodi 17.1 Krypton (latest Version)


If you are looking for any specific builds let me know and I will happily post additional videos.

If you cant find Es Explorer in the search option simply go to a computer log on to your amazon account with the same user name and download it there. You will then be able to sync the app on to your firestick.

To download Kodi via ES Explorer;

I hope you fine this video useful.

Different internet providers have restrictions, please see below if you have to make and security changes;

Virgin customs need to login your my Virgin account and disable your web safe

BT customers step 1 – Disable smart set up off your router. You can do this on the following link. …

BT customers step 2 – Switch off parental control, this can be done from the following link. …

BT customers step 3 – Open the browser on the Android TV box and type β€˜news’ in the search engine then select BBC new. BT will display a message giving you the option to switch the parental control from the box.



  1. I’ve did this step by step and it worked all the way up into the last part…. Just like all the other videos, its telling me, “Add On Migration in Progress-please wait”. It will sit on the screen for HOURS until I back out of it. What am I doing wrong????

    • Kodi Setup Kodi setup and builds But wouldn’t that erase my Kodi from my firestick? I bought it from ebay for $60 with Kodi already installed on it. I would hate to factory restore it and lose Kodi.

  2. download exodus fine but phoenix has a indigo error didn’t download successfully ! what did i do wrong ARNIE,

  3. This was the best of a bunch that finally worked. The kodi folks should go back and revise the way the folks should be download the new version because it doesn’t work like it used to. Better is not necessarily gooder.

  4. Just did all that after deleting 17.3 and despite doing exactly as instructed in the video it installed 17.3 again!!!!!!!!!!!


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