Apple TV 2 Jailbroken with (KODI) XBMC | How to Play Free Movies and TV Shows on Apple TV


I do not sell these anymore. If you are interested in buying one here is a link to the Apple TV on Amazon:


If you grab an Apple TV from Amazon be sure to get one that is jailbroken if you do not know how to jailbreak.

This short guide shows you how to navigate through XBMC on the Apple TV 2 and how to watch free movies and tv shows. These movies and TV shows include new releases and current season episodes.


  1. I tried to jailbreak mine for a few hours now, I don’t have a silver remote to put it in DFU mode (only the white one), I decide to use the other method that use a modified IPSW to tweak it into DFU mode. but when I run Seas0npass it stops somewhere in the middle of the installation saying “cannot enter dfu mode” with no more detail… well any idea what I could do? I’m stuck with a 5.3 ipsw and no blobs to go back.

  2. So….. what do you mean copy writer issues??? so you can t watch those movies or shows??? What would be the point to of jailbreaking atv?? Thank you for your time

  3. Can you also use hulu plus/netflix for free when it’s jail broken? I have an ATV3 from the USA but I live in Europe. Wondering if there will be a problem because of my IP address? I don’t want to use any proxies.

  4. Hi. Can you get current TV shows, episodes like Walking Dead, Vikings, HBO shows? If this is the case I’m canceling my cable immediately. 🙂

  5. Once I added KODI and NITO to my jail broken Apple TV, the setting went back to the normal gear’ icon not the FC anymore, I haven’t got any movies or programmes on KODI it NITO, do I need to mail break again? Cheers


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