400 Live TV Consistent Channels with Kodi Configurator!


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  1. How do I ask them? Because I was running iptv stalker on 3 boxes in my house..and had it on my dads box out of town..I know that they making people pay for each user which sucks bad!! Even Netflix lets you use your user all over the place..just wondering could I use my user on multiple devices

  2. You must not tell people that there are 400 channels when there is only 25% of that amount.  It is misleading, although you ostensibly meant no harm.

  3. I could be wrong but I realize that you’re not running isengard? Is that deliberate? I just upgraded my Kodi and I was wondering if I would experience any issues with add ons because of the update. I usually use hour videos as my guides. Thanks again

    • To me they’re so much the same. Insengard is a beta tho and in my personal opinion the 14.2 is more stable . the insengard is slightly faster however but nothing impressive….. Both are good

    • +Caz Wallace I just reverted to 14.0 was having the black screen issue with 14.2 and some features were missing in isengard. After trying to automatically update firmware to 1.3 my box didn’t detect the update so I’m really just back to square one.

    • +Caz Wallace (RezTV) Hey so i installed the kodi configurator so that I can stream live tv, but it changed the original look of kodi. I was looking at your video for IPTV stalker and in it you use the original version of kodi, is there anyway I can use the original version of kodi and still keep the live tv channels, or is it either or? Thanks!

  4. it sounds good how u canpay once and use it on multiple  devices kinda like netflix. but….not reliable? and ur paying for it …thats not cool

  5. I bought the premium package thru your site but still haven’t received my login info. Could you please tell me what I should I do to get it?


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