This NEW DNA Live TV Guide setup right here is the BEST, atm. It has ALL working LIVE Sports, News and TV Shows including FREE PREMIUM Channels plus additional auto play TV Show Seasons integrated into the guide. On TOP of that, this new LIVE TV GUIDE Setup has additional Channels that IPTV Stalker doesn't even have ….. . . .

And you are getting it ALL for free ~

All credit goes to my good buddies @ Team DNA @KRAZ_INABOX & @EVANSATAZ on Twitter ….. . . .

Now ….. . . .

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  1. c’mon Joe no channels loading all check log. I didn’t miss a letter didn’t miss a fucking beat. what’s good bro Holla back

    • +TROJAN4EVR that didn’t work for me since configure was not highlighted to select. the channels do work if you select them the old school way without the guide.

    • +David Williams (DWizzey) This video is old and the DNA TV addon has changed. There’s a whole bunch of free iptv stalker addons that have been released. Check out Joe’s, Gen TeC’s, Dimitrology’s for current videos on free iptv clone addons. Also check out Kraz inabox videos regarding DNA TV and free iptv clones.

    • +JoeNobody010101 yeah man I need your help I’ve been looking around everywhere do this!

      Every single add on I have downloaded all it comes up with is a error,

      I’ve uninstalled kodi and downloaded so many different builds.

      I’ve turned off smart switch with my Bt broadband as well.

      Can you help?

    • Use Fresh Start from Fusion. Then make sure Kodi is updated to 15.2 which ATM is the latest stable version. Lastly, never install more than one Build at a time. If switching Builds is your thing, always run a Fresh Start before downloading the next build.

    • +JoeNobody010101 no mate I’ve downloaded the new version of kodi, used fresh start,

      And then followed all the steps again and yet I’m getting errors on everything?

    • +JoeNobody010101 only add on that works is Genesis, why do you think that is. Really frustrating. DNA -No, IPTV-NO, watch wrestling-No. Nothing works

  2. I set it up as you explained, but when i tried to open a link it says “server overloaded” and won’t load. Is that normal?

    • Yeah, it’s normal because a lot of people are on it but if you keep clicking a Channel it should go through. I have much better Live TV options on my channel hear and JoeNobody020202 has the Navi x Live TV setup video that I just did, fast loading and a lot of HD channels.

    • can you please send me a link to those options? I can’t get anything to work. the DNA TV addon keeps telling me script failed.

  3. fucking awesome joe i love your videos ive learned so much from you . ive seen your videos from way back in the day with just xbmc and a camera going all over the place lol. keep up the great videos.. dont miss a fucking letter dont miss a fucking beat

  4. Hi, I’ve done everything you said I click on from the TV guide and it highlights remind me but won’t let me click watch now button, why is this? Thanks


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