This is the all time best build you can use in Kodi.

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  1. can u give us list of repo the best and best addons as well because it hard to find them thanks very much sole mate keep the videos coming nice to see you merry Christmas to u and family and all the other lads how help

  2. just install a build with plenty of repos and change the skin to confluence.then just add the addons u use thru add on shortcuts.also remove the wizard under programs and you are good to go.this way will save people the trouble of adding repos manually

  3. i started using Spinz last week but i found it very slow loading movies. Ive gone now to the wookie new look and its amazing. HD Box ,exodus,salts,pheonix and also get a flix perform superb iptv is just the same as usuall i recomend wookie mho.

  4. On confluence, can you customize the text on the menu bar and submenu as well as backgrounds. Can you change the appearance of the menu bar?

  5. also on this particular video, maybe a comprehensive list of your personal favorite lists of movie addons and live tv and so on. i’m still rather new so for me it’s all about exodus and phoenix.

  6. user I desperately need your help I’m trying to put a build on my daughter’s box she has the arjuna box she did not like the Beast and hold the registering online please help standing by

  7. Disculpa solo man me podras ayudar con kodi por error. Borre addons en la pagina principal y no piedo hacer nada como podre regresarla tengo kodi kripton te agradesco mucho saludos

  8. can you do a Hispanic build simple that my wife can watch Univision. im new to this and a link i can get it…….thank you


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