The Best Kodi Build on The Planet!


New URL is How to install The Spinz Premium Lite Build. Please forgive me for the background noises. You can fast forward from 4:45-9:00 minutes


    • +Aldren Mayfield I’m getting a Nvidia Shield today. Did you use the Kodi build in the Play Store or did you sideload a different .apk? If so, which version? Thanks! Great videos.

  1. Just looked and it seems to be completely missing from Kodi 16. Let’s ask in the group and see if we can get some help

    • Re-Install and try again it’s all in the you-tube vidz ,so easy to do aswell just Zip-Away and all is so free + good viewing for streaming movies ,football,nhl,NFL, Ect … Be Patient it works honestly on my fire-stick no probz

    • question? does it update the sources automatically? hate looking around for diffrent addons or sources that movies sports ect wont play much and have the bad quality do you know any builds that has everything and be worth downloading with the best quality movies ?

    • And if you have auto updates turned on then yes they will auto update but if a developer changes sources then you obviously have to get the new source for URL

    • Great build man……I’m old school and loving my Firestick tv……… which video are you going to show how to delete soccer and all the things we don’t want

  2. You have the clearest, easy to follow video about loading a program out of anyone I have ever seen!! BAM!

    • Hi Aldren,
      couple of questions; when I program the firesticks, I usually install super repo, when I tried that here it either didn’t work, or I missed a step o something, also now, with this build, the stick turns off quite a bit, then restarts, what’s up with that?

    • I installed super repo, but I am unable to find the extreme addons that it yields, but they are not there under addons, I was wondering if you could explain what happened..

  3. Joined 5 FB – Sites for the new Amazon Fire TV – stick as Amazon want you to pay a fortune for viewing anything,now running KODI 16 and works great as it all changed constantly many times as more + more better builds come out. Good Video but now zip -files like Phoenix + Navi along with loads more are all gone …Nice One m8 \0//….\0//…..Android for Windows -7 as 10 was stopped by me with GWX -Program as if it aint broke why Force a Operating System on good machines …Fire-Stick TV is only £34 from many stores not online …10/10…Cheers bud : )

  4. I tried to install it on my PC running Windows 7 and when I went to install from .zip file there was nothing there. I tried again and got the same results.

  5. i have tried get all the way to the end and it will not install another build the one i have is called vid time and it do not get many live channels if i’m not mistaking build means getting more than one app to watch live tv i’m thinking its something that has to be done before you can add another build thank you please help


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