Stream Hub SUPER KODI Addon. KODI 16.1


How to install Steam Hub 3rd Part KODI Addon. March 2017. KODI 16.1

For the JM1 Android TV Box – Visit

The JM1 Android TV box comes with a built in Kodi addon updater meaning you don't have to add your addons anymore.
One click updates to all of the latest addons. New updates will come out once a month to make sure you always have the best addons available.

To see how easy this is, watch this video –


  1. Done as you said and when you go to the sport channels – any of the streams it asks you to download something called zen, done that and its just a blank

  2. the sports section doesn’t work, everything else is fine but when i click on sports it just keeps asking me to turn off video acceleration at the bottom of the screen…. god knows how you do that, and is that even the solution?

  3. Jason U have the website Wrong which is why IT didnt work The web site is Archive org download Repository streamhub


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