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    • +Thomas Hickson Jr

      what you need to do is first thing is to download the repository to your computer and save it to a folder and after you have done that go to your kodi and go to your settings and addon and install from zip go to window network (smb) then click on workgroup and select your computer and look for your folder where you save that repository spintz tv this only work if you have share networking in your home.

  1. it was working perfectly then all the sudden I see a mix of this and confluence – all attempts to reinstall as before have failed.

  2. Hey I installed wrong spinz tv build and can’t uninstall it on my Mac can you please help me I have no setting no fresh start any thing the build is incomplete any ideas

  3. launched on kodi and spinztv was nowhere to be found. I keep getting check log msg when loading stealth. it keeps loading the default kodi screen

  4. hi to solo man hi im putting the url in kodi and it goes through but in the zipfile after i put the name and waite for the repository nothing shows off why help me pleade i like the new primium lite spinztv build help me ok get back to me or send a video on how to downloaf ok ill send a donation onece iget it ok thank you.

  5. hey solo man help me please what to do to download the new primiun lite spinztv build ok i put the url and zipfile but onece i put the name after that it dont show nothing why help me pleSe me family and friends want this build ok.

  6. jhi to soloman i put the url it goes through but after zipfiles no repository shows up why help me i want to down load spinztv primium lite build help me ok lpease.

  7. The Spinz TV build which I have on my bedroom TV is good, but limited as to the items you can upload….The best build in my opinion is No Limits Magic which I have on another offers more items to download.


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