Latest Bug Fix for Exodus in Kodi 17 when Installing from the Indigo Add-on for March 2017


In this video I show you how to fix the Exodus bug that you get when installing from the Indigo Add-on, Featured Add-ons folder in Kodi 17 Krypton.

Fusion ►

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**The information contained in this video is for informational purposes only**

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  1. I did what you said nothing happened. Also noticed on velocity/Phoenix won’t load. I have the addons they just won’t play programs .

    • Just checking what version of Kodi are you using? I’m on Kodi 17.1 Krypton for the video. Also are you using a computer or a Fire Stick or Fire TV. I just want to know so I can hopefully reproduce your errors and come up with a fix for you. Thanks Carlos!

  2. how do you get on to the page where you start the process. as i have a build on it and it isnt in system. please let me know as no one seems to answer questions

    • Which part do you need me to clarify for you Andrew? Once you add the tvaddons repository ,which I’ve included a link for, just make sure to go to install from zip, select the fusion repo, and then add the Exodus repository. Just don’t add Exodus from the Indigo installer and you should be good to go.

  3. no movies show up when I click on new movies or in theaters or any selection. followed your step by step. any other ideas?

    • Thank you for the info hot in here I really appreciate it! What device are you running Kodi on? I specialize in the fire stick and fire tv but I’d like to review some other devices as well. Thanks again!

    • Richman Knows Tech i run amazon firestick. i kept getting errors while upgrading and addons still did not work. deleted the app and reloaded. was running 16.1.

    • Ok got it hot in here. Stick (no pun intended) with 16.1 for now. I’ve been downgrading people on their fire sticks from 17.1 as they keep getting blank screens, missing source links, slow behavior, etc… It could be related to the version of Android that the stick is running as it is several versions ago (it’s based on lollipop 5.0…mine is running v5.1.1 at the moment). Maybe once Amazon runs an update to a more recent version, we’ll be able to upgrade Kodi as well.

  4. Hi …maybe you can help…I have Kodi on two computers..on the laptop I can watch videos one right after the other, on the main computer it will only let me watch 2 episodes at a time…..any ideas why ?

  5. I have tried a lot of fixes but nothing helps 🙁 Everything works just fine until I select what I want to see. Then it loads providers for 30 seconds and nothing happens. I don’t get the working icon or anything. Going pretty nuts here :p

    • Hi Natalie O! There could be several factors to your problem so I need to ask a few questions. First of all are you on a firestick? Second, are you coming from 16.1 or 17? Third, do you mean Exodus stops working or Kodi stops working? I’ll try to help.

  6. download progress.. please wait… does its thing for about 10 min then says there’s an error with indigo:(

    • Hi Heather Cruse! Yeah don’t use Indigo to install Exodus. Go to install from repository> kodi repos> english> Once that installs go to install from zip and add Exodus right from the Exodus repo.

  7. on my smart tv I was watching exodus and all of a sudden I can’t see exodus again when I am trying to download it again I can’t see it anymore. … y is that

  8. I just bought a new fire stick tv and we can get everything to do as it should until I get to the part where it says begin here and you should see something pop up that says
    Could you tell me why that info is not showing up for me to continue on for indigo ? Were using the
    Install from zip. We even tried the Es file explorer and tried to jail break it that way and it didn’t work. I’m not good with computers so my friend tried to do it these two way as she had done hers but mines isn’t working. Can you please help us?????

  9. this was my problem, I had to install from indigo because it wouldn’t install from exodus repo…something I noticed that dosnt come up in videos is when I select to install exodus it gives me 3 download versions all same 3.1.16 and then won’t download


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