Kodi XBMC Power Wizard 2016 – The most powerful kodi build! has everything you need!!


kodi build

Power Wizard Build has absolutely everything you need from kodi. Loads extremely Fast! Defaults to Phoenix instead of genesis .


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  1. Hummmm I agree, Jesus PLEASE get THE CLOWN OUT….scares the daylights out of me !!!!! I love this build, but did like the choices 0n the bottom instead of along the sides.. Otherwise great job… Thanks Jim

  2. To install Kodi for the first time in years, which is the best thing to download? I saw you have a monthly build thing but can’t find anything recent as there is so many videos.

  3. thank you for sending that to me could you please help me to set up the skin like a wallpaper thing that can put in the back and keep the same skin that I have but I want a different wallpaper in the background could you show me how to do it thank you and please send me the site thank you

  4. why you don’t you do a new video of a 6.1 add-on for the would you just did cuz when I did it it will not go through so why don’t you do a new video 6.1 maybe will help somehow I don’t know I’m getting very frustrated trying to do it calm down and trying to do it a couple times and did not go through so I tried to do a new video of a 6.1 Kodi maybe would help

  5. why am I’m now getting a message say; Add-on is incompatible or has been broken in repository. would you like to disable it on your system?


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