Kodi Jarvis 16.1 Download install and setup in under 10 mins The Fusion addon


kodi 16.1 jarvis addons



This is the fastest I have ever installed KODI it used to be so much harder. But with Fusion addon and the hubwizard it is super fast.
I tried to take it slow on the cofig because most people are writing down the steps and have to pause alot on this kind of video. I gave a few beats to give people a chance to follow along.

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Night time


    • Wendy Marsh you have to enable it in setting under tv. But you need to have a compatible HDTV receiver. You can also us ustvnow which is a service that allows you to get tv. But you need to sign up for it.

  1. oh my God thank you so fucking much I’ve been trying to do this for 2 days you’re the first video that actually helped

    • Jordan MacAskill thanks for the comment. I am still new to making videos and it always good to get feed back. I am working on other projects but am thinking of getting an amazon fire tv or nvidia shield and installing kodi. Probably next month. Thanks again.

    • What kind of box are you using? Android, windows? I had a problem with a android box that had a remote and you had to hit a button on it that seemed totally unrelated but it muted the sound.

    • I am glad, I always try and keep it simple, I have see videos where guys talk about root directories and Repositories, which is nice to know but not a necessity, tech is like a language. oh yeah thanks for the comment. 🙂

    • LeeAnn Hoskin my video on installing the newer kodi 17 has a bonus section. Which talks about buffering and setting up zero cache. Then when you pause the video. It will load the movie as long as you want and put it in memory. Now this is as long as your player isn’t the problem. I had a player that couldn’t handle 720p or above but standard def was no problem.

    • LeeAnn Hoskin let me know what kind of system you are running it on? Sometime finding different sources helps too. Like pick the 30 source instead of first one.

    • Jus’ Another Video I agree. I made another version where I speed up the video. And I go over it in my shield setup video as well. But I am going to make another video with a keyboard for sure. Thanks for the comment I learn from them.

  2. when i go to add ons to install from zip im just getting a large selection of add ons? non of which are fusion.. any idea any herlp??

    • you are in the wrong place, which version of Kodi are you running?? install from zip file should only list a few files.
      are you running android or windows??


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