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One of the ARES servers has crashed. This affects zip installs. Hopefully they get the server back up and running soon. If you are trying to install Ares on a Fire Stick or box, try doing a hard reset. Do this by unplugging your fire device and leaving it unplugged for several minutes. Once this is done, plug it back in and boot it up. Retry the steps in this video. Your goal is to pull from one of the working servers**

In this short video I will show you 2 easy ways in which you can install the Ares Wizard. Most people should be able to install the wizard using the first method. However, if you're unable to get it to work with method #1, please try the second method.

For more on the Ares Wizard see the videos below:

Install Ares Wizard Onto Your Amazon Fire TV Stick Using Alternative Method

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Backup & Restore Your KODI Build with the Ares Wizard – Step by Step Guide

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  1. I’m presently trying to figure out which is better, the hyper tt or pulse builds. So I’m wondering if you have an opinion on the matter?

  2. I can’t get the zip file to work on my fire stick but your second option,,the script file worked in like 3 seconds to install realized on my Samsung galaxy s7! why can’t my firestick be that easy..

  3. So i had a couple stick in my home and they all had Kodi 16.2 ( i think) now it has done an update ton Kodi 17 Beta…. Did i lose everything?

    • Updating Kodi to a newer version shouldn’t delete your settings, but nothing is guaranteed with Kodi. To be on the safeside, It’s always best to backup your settings and build before attempting to make any changes to the software. Even if it’s just an update.

  4. For some reason, I’m getting problems uploading Ares using Kodi 17.1. Is that a usual problem with 17.1 and maybe I should go back to Jarvis?

    • Todd White This may be due to the fact that Kodi is cracking down on the use of wizards such as Ares in their latest release v17. If you like using Wizards, you should roll back to Jarvis until the 3rd party developers figure out a workaround.

    • I would like to, but my ES Explorer no longer offers Jarvis as an option. I can only get Kodi 17.1 and I hear Kodi 18 is out there someplace as the next upcoming only option.

  5. having trouble. used ares loads of times for backup and restore onto different devices. but my latest backup keeps making all my devices crash and unable to use so I have to uninstall and try again but same thing every time? I’ve tried deleting and making new backups but always the same thing? HELP! I’m running Kodi 17.0 and ares 0.52.


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