Kodi complete set up for Newbies


Configurator for Kodi series. "Quick and Fast" install and fixes for Kodi media player. Automatically updates your Kodi builds and fix/remove addons. 1-click complete Kodi setup. Install desktop and android apps from website and Google Play
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  1. good instruction.maybe next time you can make a vid about each function in Kodi.thank you for you excellent job.i really appreciate it.it help a lot

    • Oh ok thank you. I asked because I heard how you can make kodi into a retro gaming center on top of a media center. Also, how many builds can you install on kodi 16.1, and 17.

    • calvin tanner using Configurator you can install infinite multiple builds as long as you have device storage capacity

    • So, if I wanted to change the whole kodi layout for kodi 17 on my Amazon Fire TV Stick i have to make sure that there’s enough storage space on the Amazon Fire TV Stick or the Kodi app itself, and if so how do I free up storage on kodi.

  2. b3ac94dd6f08b629I am learning alot and I am pleased with the app I started with was my first time on my own to install and follow and first attempt to check out apps installing throubhly through an app


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