Kodi 17 FireStick + CONFIG Wizard for Best TVAddons 2017 (Krypton & Indigo Wizard)


Take 60% off 1 Year Kodi VPN subscription w/ my coupon code FIRETV25:

Then use my Kodi VPN setup guide to set up your new VPN:

If you already have Indigo tool installed in Kodi 17, just launch Indigo and then select Config Wizard, then Install. If you don't have Indigo installed, follow these steps to install Kodi 17 Config Wizard:


  1. nice intro video mate thanks very much keep the videos coming thanks and keep the good work that u do for kodi and the community and all other people tar mate

  2. good video…..? have a question: I have jarvis 16.1 already installed on my fire TV box , if I download this new krypton 17 from Downloader will it be a fresh copy of kodi or will it replace my current copy of kodi?

    • +felix perez thx Felix! Kodi 17 will overwrite Kodi 16, but some or all of your old TV Addons may transfer over. You have several options after installing Kodi 17. They’re all available in the indigo wizard

  3. When I’ve installed Kodi and open it, it just closes… then it says ‘this app is not associated with your amazon account’ – how do I fix this?

    • +Thurnis Haley try to clear the cache and data of the amazon appstore. If that doesn’t work then de register the device and then re register, with amazon


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