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The black box build, one of the best builds created for xbmc & kodi.

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  1. Tengo una Mac válida de iptv stalker pero no puedo instalar kodi 15.2 en mi Android tv porque la imagen se ve pequeña en una esquina y quiero usar mi iptv stalker con una guía como en la versión 15.2 Ayúdame por favor

  2. On your video you’v got a dot between theblackbox and ostv – it should read likethe one you’re showing above otherwise it doesn’t work. But I’m now up and running and thanks for the videos.

  3. Hi, followed this right up to install from zip, press that and there is no option on the next part, just an arrow, tried on an android TV and tablet, any ideas?

  4. I am attempting to add black box to Kodi on my android tv box. After I add source and name it, I then click OK, and go to install from zip, but there is nothing in my named folder?.
    Am I missing a step, I have done this to previous boxes and zip file appeared.

  5. This doesn’t work 🙁 When I click on Black Box from the ‘Install from Zip File’ menu I don’t get the pluginvideo zip file

  6. i m doing everthing however its not appearing on my install zip file screen , getting fed up :(((( check spelling and everything ,anything else i might be doing wrong ??

  7. I have kodi on my android tv and when I go on my iPad I get a AirPlay option what is this!!!??? And when I click the AirPlay button nothing happens on my tv


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