How to watch KODI on ROKU in less then 3 minutes.


Note: Hide your IP while watching Kodi –
In this video you'll see how to watch KODI on Roku through Android or How to watch KODI on Roku through Windows Laptop. An easy and fast tutorial.

Lawsuits and huge fines in several countries, hide your ip with a VPN:

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How to install KODI on Android:
How to install KODI on Windows:
How to install KODI on Amazon Fire TV Stick:
How to install Exodus Addon on KODI:
How to install GoodFellas Addon:
How to install Nemesis Addon on KODI:


  1. People this tutorial is for screen mirroring from an android device or pc to Roku devices 3 and up. This does not install Kodi at all on Roku.

  2. That’s not the same thing as downloading kodi on roku, that’s only using mirroring from your phone to Roku.

  3. I mirrored KODI from my laptop windows 10 to my Roku. The volume is not working, I checked all the basic settings but I cant figure out the problem. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. On your phone or tablet Download kodi caster from google play store and open it and enabled it. then download local cast and you can watch your movies on roku from your phone or tablet


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