How to Jail break ROKU watch KODI, fast and Easy! KRYPTON 17.0


kodi krypton

This video shows how to watch Kodi Krypton 17.0 on the roku!

To see how to add the addon to your android or device watch the video below: Start video at 5:06 minutes

Other builds listed below:

No Limits Addon:

Spintz TV addon:


    • technology its not jailbreaking the roku cause your not altering it at al, but you are able to screen from any android device

  1. Im tired of people posting the exact same video, this is NOT KODI ON ROKU no dev cares about porting kodi to roku, streaming is NOT THE SAME you should rename your video to, enable miracast/airplay/wifi display on roku or stream kodi to roku through android or mirror kodi from your android to roku. why this matters, because roku is dependent on your device and the latency is significantly noticeable.

  2. It’s called an Amazon Firestick. Buy one, jailbreak it in 10 minutes and throw Oroku in the trash. This is laughable. It’s like someone showing you how to setup your dial-up connection in 2017. lol.

  3. Are you just trolling on youtube? This is clickbate for starters but then your audio is so low we have to raise the volume to the max and then you to add an extremely loud track at the end.

    You have no future here.

  4. sorry man, you didn’t jailbreak anything. screen mirroring IS NOT the same as putting kodi on a roku. misleading viewers isn’t cool

  5. I gotta change my damn contact prescription, thought I read how to jailbreak roku not stream an android device. thanks bro much help.

    • ikr some people just dont understand that jailbreak is for iDevices not fire stick, not android and definately not roku


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