How to Install KODI Krypton 17 on Amazon Fire TV Stick – Easy Guide


krypton 17

This is a simple Guide on How to install KODI on Amazon Fire TV Stick Alexa, this also works on Amazon Fire TV and the rest Amazon Fire Stick versions.

Written tutorial:
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Link Kodi Krypton:
Link Kodi Krypton:

Link Kodi Jarvis:
Link Kodi Jarvis:

For Business Inquiries:

How to install KODI on Android:
How to install KODI on Windows:
How to install KODI Jarvis on Amazon Fire TV Stick:
How to install Exodus Addon on KODI:
How to install GoodFellas Addon:
How to install Nemesis Addon on KODI:
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  1. If this tutorial is successful for me, I will try to follow the same tutorial again, but with the link for Droidtale (an Android port of PC, Mac and Linux game Undertale) instead of Kodi 17 Krypton. I will update this comment as soon as I can (I will get my Amazon Fire TV on Saturday December 17th 2016) to tell you if this video is successful in installing Kodi on my Amazon Fire TV, as well as Droidtale on the same platform, as well as if the controls work.

  2. On my f/stick all i did last night was go into where the KODI App is and Simply UPDATE ,it put’s your build and everything allon Krypton and so easy with es-explorer + app starter

  3. On Firestickhityour Manage Apps and go to KODI and on the right UPDATE from Jarvis to krypton 17,as it also carry’s your build with it . Just did mines on KodiMaster and works 100%…Just simply find KODI and Update It ”On Firestick It Work’s” ….10/10 cheers

  4. I add this to my fire tv. When done I don’t have the kodi app. It’s in my applications but the app itself I cant find.


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