How to install Kodi 17 KRYPTON on Amazon fire tv or Fire stick, quickest and easiest method

***IMPORTANT INFO*** Kodi 17.1 is now a stable release so use this link for the latest version,

IP vanish sign up link =

Real debrid =

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  1. How do i delete my current kodi 16 version on my firestick so i can install the new stable kodi 17? or is it not necessary to delete it and will it just overwrite it when installing? Thank you

    • I very much LOVED your video presentation! I admit that I quit watching and listening to the majority of US speaking people on here trying to explain KODI — except one lady, her name is Mchanga. The reason is very simple. 99.9% of the people (men) talk with a bunch of unnecessary filler words, i.e. “UMM”, and “UHH”-s. It literally drove me to the wall. Also they talk too fast, they click like crazy left-and right, do not wait, not patient at all. If I would be such a horrible communicator,I would really not embarrass myself publicly. No wonder that most of them receive a lot of dislikes or negative comments. Thumbs up to you, mate. You are a breath of fresh air. My best friend is from Adelaide, Australia, by the way. (I’m in Florida,USA.) Cheers. Subscribing to you right now. Thanks again.

  2. I’ve tried to download kodi 17 on my firestick many upon many of times but it always fails. once it’s downloaded and I open it my TV will go on and off a black screen every 10 seconds. Anyone have a solution?

  3. Hey I just downloaded kodi 17 on my firestick for the first time when I press my home botton on my firestick remote the screen goes blue on my tv then home screen come back up after couple of seconds is kodi app meant to do this

    • Gadget Junkie lol I meant is this @bestforkodi from twitter, but I know it’s not now, he shared this link which is how I found you & I wondered if you 2 were the same person at 1st. I’ve been using Kodi for about 4 years now, ❤️ it & I help others install & answer questions as the community helped me so much when I found them, but also I’m advocating for people to do it themselves rather than buy fully loaded boxes, I’m very passionate about that! I’ve been using downloader for a little over a year (rather than es explorer) & I recommend others do as well too. I check videos out because I don’t make my own & I refer people to the good ones, & this is a good one! Nice to “meet” you! If anyone needs extra help my twitter handle @sarah_g_barker just send a message?

    • Hi mate, 17.1 has literally just been released as a stable version last night. If you can wait until tonight I will sort the link out for you as the one in the video is 17.0

  4. I’m getting Error: No connection for 17.1. I just downloaded downloader so I don’t think the issue is on my end.

    • David Borowik Yeah Kodi is currently down. Their website and whole hosting is down so until they fix it then you can’t download it. Even if you find a working app their repo is down so you won’t be able to install anything. Soon as they fix it I’ll let you know

    • David Borowik Like I said mate even if you found a mirror you can’t get their dependencies because their repo is down so it won’t work

  5. I just bought a X96 android box. Its loaded with kodi 17.0. I followed your instructions to upgrade to kodi 17.3 and got to the download bit using your wizard but when it had finished downloading a white screen came up saying the apt not loaded. What am I doing wrong?


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