How To Install Kodi 17 Krypton and Exodus on Window 10 PC


krypton 17

Here are the steps to install the new Kodi 17 Krypton and Exodus with a Windows 10 computer. For written instructions read here


  1. I gots a problem, when I click on the exodus repository, it dosnt install, I look at what I have and it says its installed at 0%

  2. I switched back to Kodi 16.1 because Kodi 17 won’t load at all for me even after a fresh install after four times and checking various tutorial fixes

    • Some people have had issues because of firewalls/anti-virus conflicts. If you have anti-virus try disabling or adding kodi to the approved list of programs.

    • I can’t even re-install 16.1  My cousin is the one who introduced me to KODI.  She informed me she didn’t like the way 17.1or 16 worked so she went back to Jarvis and having no issues.  So I tried to find Jarvis and of course no luck.  Anybody have a direct link to Jarvis?  I can’t seem to find it

    • i retrieved my 16.1 from my trash and it worked fine.
      I had all the same issues as you’re having. Even tried fresh start and no other choices listed.

    • When I first tried krypton (beta?), it didn’t quite work for me, so I went back to jarvis. Have just installed krypton 17.3 and found it kept all my addons & settings, so I didn’t have to install exodus again.. Only thing is shutting down krypton takes alot longer than jarvis.

  3. I’m stuck at the very last step. When I click install it says installation failed. Anyone else stuck here? Did anyone have this problem and fixed it? please let me know


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