How to install Kodi 16.1 Jarvis to your Amazon Fire Stick without a computer!


This a video tutorial on how to install the latest version of Kodi 16.1 Jarvis onto your Amazon Fire Device(Stick/Box Version) without using a computer. All steps are performed on your device only.

If you have any issues/problems, please comment below for help
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How to install Kodi 16.1 Jarvis on your Amazon Fire Stick

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  1. Do you need a internet cable or just wifi connection for the device to work ? im trying to get one on ebay and it says wifi but in the description says cable internet highly recommended

  2. Please explain why your taking a free Open Source program like Kodi that can be downloaded from kodi’s website and directing individuals to your own domain that has ad sponsored links, and other profit generated material? Just wondering

    • Absolutely, when I first created the tutorial. There was some issues trying to download the apk directly from the the Kodi site using Es explorer. So, I created a zip file and uploaded it my server, which is downloadable but there are no ads or sales on that page. Basically, I am hosting this file for free while people are using my data quota from my server.

      As for the page, there are still tutorials on how to perform the installation on the blog page to help individuals wanting to learn. There is a sales page, since there is a pretty large market of people who are are not tech-savvy that are more than willing to pay extra for programming the device based on my experience so far.

      Ad sponsored links? I believe you are referring to affiliate links? Well, there are affiliate links everywhere and on every website you visit. Ranging from your big authoritative sites, blogs, youtube channels, forums. The web is basically all about information and marketing with incentives to make money.

  3. After checking out several “how-to” videos and getting pissed off, happened to come across yours and was done in 10 minutes….and I totally suck with anyhing tech!!!

  4. I didn’t see the link to click to download. It went straight to the website and I couldn’t find slink especially with this firestick remote. ?

    • You have to install kodi media player, which is what this video shows you. Kodi is a free software made from real developers and no way associated with the FREE accessible content. You access that by installing 3rd party addons or builds (complete packages)

  5. I see that you now have a file for Kodi 17, is this the newest version that everyone should be installing? Great tutorial! Thanks!


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