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Follow the new channel for future updates on Kodi. You can go to it by using this link or search "DownloadingPirate".

You can find the latest Amazon Firestick here:

First required link:
Second required link:


To remove the bubble on the right go to ES Explorer, settings, then "Logger floating widget settings", uncheck "enable logger floating widget" and there ya go!

Please keep in mind the Kodi site will update so what you see in this video will change over time.

To help reduce buffering you can go to the Indigo add-on, then the Maintenance Tools, and just Clear Cache and Purge Packages. Doing this overtime regularly when it builds back up could help a lot.

If you like to change the skins/theme of Kodi 17 go to Settings, Interface, Skins, select Skins then Get more, pick a skin you prefer, once you select one let is download and install, If it doesn't add automatically just go back and select it. WARNING, this may change the layout completely so you will have to get use to it.

Sometimes the streams are unavailable for a moment. It's normal for freshly added movies. It's rare for everything else. You can also try exiting out of Kodi every now and then so it will refresh itself. You do this by using the exit option on the homepage of Kodi.


This video is step by step how to install Kodi on the Amazon Firestick. I show how to install the build, Fusion TV Addons, plus a quick walk through on how to navigate it.

I do not own any visual content and audio in this video.


    • Sandor Kaaikaula I do but it’s very difficult. Have to use some code after installing it. I can get the info if you like but I recommend Fusion.

    • Is it the code you get from the website because I can’t even get that far I have done it 3 times before and it worked every time but since I downloaded today there is no hub wizard

    • Sandor Kaaikaula Sorry, don’t have much information on Schism. Once I found out you needed a code I didn’t go any further with it. That doesn’t seem legit to me at all.

    • Sandor Kaaikaula NP and yes I did. But there were so many changes it started to mislead others. So I removed it and made an update. I’ll always keep up current verisons. But next time I will just use the older video to direct everyone to the new one.

  1. won’t install I keep getting. Failed to install from zip file….any new zip files and path location

  2. Hi, I have followed your instructions and re-installed 3 times, everything looks and works fine except ……. I can’t get any sound from kodi?

  3. Great explanations. I messed up somewhere in that I don’t hav the File Manager option you speak of after the install/open on my Firestick. I had Jarvis 16.1. Now I get a blank screen when I select KODI.

    • JETthePeacemaker

      Yeah, scary to me.
      But I wiped out Kodi and am installing Kodi 17.0 so will see.
      I agree about not wanting all of the packages. We only watch video and the stick doesn’t have a lot of memory.

    • Bob Hunt Sorry, disregard the comment I wrote about 10 minutes ago. I removed it so I wouldn’t confuse you. I had you confused with someone else that commented. But after reading over your comments I’m back on track. Those downloaded files in ES does build up. I had a similar problem before and removing all the download files that were just sitting there worked for me. Hopefully after you do it, I’ll allow you to install successfully also.

    • JETthePeacemaker

      I ended up deleting Kodi. And then installing Kodi 17.0
      I’ve followed the rest of your instructions. Still need to play with it a bit.
      Hate to have lost all of the movies and TV we’ve watched and do watch but can’t plenty of time.
      Hoping Trakt might have some profiled. Dunno.

      Thanks again.

    • Bob Hunt Great! Happy you’re back in business! A quick tip you may like if you don’t know.. Once you have a show highlighted (before you open it and go into the seasons), press the option key (button with the three lines), then select add to favourites. You can do this with all your favorite shows and movies. It’ll be on the home page under Favourites (at the bottom) keeping you from having to search for it each time.

    • JETthePeacemaker

      Even better I save our favorites to Trakt. And as it turns out, they have all came back marked appropriately for the episodes we’ve seen. So that’s the headache Imwas worried about. All good now, plus I don’t have all of the other crap I don’t use. And I took Torba off my provider list. Seems to delay everything.

      Thanks again. A good addition to your video instructions would be the exact version you are working on. In my case, I’ve been expecting the 17 to come out and went to the first one but no worries. You were a big help.

  4. I get to Indigo and it just keeps saying initializing. I have wiped the fire stick clean and started over and its the same thing

    • Rachel Skeans Just simply exit out of Kodi and re open it please. For example, when I did the first run it was stuck also. So I force Kodi to close so it will refresh itself. It started to work after. So I bleieve we have to get yours to the point it refreshes itself. If you close it and it’s still running in the background (mostly when you press the home button) please just exit using the exit option on the home page of Kodi. If this doesn’t work, let me know.

    • I’ve had the same issue. I’ve exited out of Kodi and reopened it many times and even reset my firestick and still have the same problem. It’s stuck on the starting up part and says initializing please stand by…. and then has a blue circle that keeps spinning. I can’t get past it.

    • Emily Van Beek Try exiting Kodi using the exit option on the home page of Kodi. Then re open it and try again.

    • I’ve tried that as well. I’m gonna try again tonight and if it doesn’t work I’ll completely re do the whole process.

  5. U move really fast,but I just keep pausing and rewinding as needed. But mines froze while downloading Exodus? What do I do????

    • MIA Jackson You can’t but you can have 17.0 with the skin/theme of 16. If you would like to try, follow these steps. This will be for changing the skin on the 17.0 version (I can give you the steps for 16 if you like) Go to Settings, Interface, Skins, select Skins then Get more, pick a skin you prefer, once you picked one just let it download and install. If it doesn’t add automatically just go back and select it.

  6. I downloaded Kodi on my firestick and it is great.
    I get a popup on the right side of the screen, it is small but still annoying,
    how do I fix it to stop the popup?

  7. Quick question man, when I click on the ‘More’ tab to download Kodi v17.1 krypton then ‘open in browser’ a box pops up that states “Unsupported Browser Link” that says “Amazon fire tv does not open browser links”. How can I fix this?

  8. Thank you so much watching your video has been a great help ? you explained it perfectly and was easy to follow A GREAT BIG THANK YOU ALL THE WAY FROM THE UK ?

    • Sarah Price I really appreciate your comment and feedback! I’m always here if you need more help. Enjoy the free entertainment!

    • Deloris Reed Yes I will definitely wait. I only say this because I tested it out myself and notice problems right away. Others also had problems with it. Have to keep in mind it’s only a test, at this moment. Plus you would have to do the installation process again to get it. I would wait for another final version to be released to upgrade. Right now the only recent final versions are 17.0 and 16.1

    • JETthePeacemaker Got it. Thanks so much. Also, is there anything I can do abt freezing/ buffering? May just be my Comcast…

    • Deloris Reed From the homepage go to Indigo, then Maintenance Tools, once you open it select Clear Cache and Purge Packages. This removes information that builds over time and helps the buffering speed.


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