Best KODI Build 2017 – Best build for KODI 17.1 that I have seen to date


kodi build

Having trouble setting up KODI 17.1? Here is a great build that has done much of the hard work for you. And everything works!!!! Special thanks to GadgetJunkie.

Link to Gadget Junkie Wizard

Link to Gadget Junkie YouTube Page


  1. Hi
    I have a fire stick with 16.1 on and I want to update to 17.1, do I need to delete 16.1 and how do I do it? Regards

    • On your firestick go to the home screen and into settings. You have to delete 16.1 in settings go to applications go to manage installed applications. find Kodi then uninstall. then download the app DOWNLOADER *not* ES FILE EXPLORER but its in the category PRODUCTIVITY

  2. Which video do you recommend I watch to install kodi. I’m buying a firestick tommorow and btw I don’t have a computer can I just do everything on the firestick

    • cesar chavez yeah and when it’s installed u can get a build (a setup with all addons already installed) like this in the video and enjoy Kodi to the fullest! Enjoy

    • cesar chavez yeah I did it on my firestick and Nvidia box as well! His videos are recorded from a computer because it’s easier for him to show everything. To me and many other people android devices are the best way to use kodi

  3. Wow thanks for the review Peter this is amazing thank you! Really disappointed at the time it took to download for you, only takes a few seconds for me normally, I will check with my hosting site if there are any issues. Sportsmania and Sportsnation builds are premium builds that are based around paid sports subscriptions. The simply free build is the free one. I will add a little description great idea Peter!

    • Gadget Junkie could you add the option to have the regular favorites and power button down in the left corner? thats the only thing i’m missing.
      either a setting for it or if you explain how i can do it myself

    • It can be done, however I would need to find the time to do it. It isn’t something that is easily done. You need to know Python code to add and change things, along with how to use the texture tools.

  4. I’ve had Kodi 17 “Stopped working” error a few times now. NEVER happened with 16.1. Krypton is definitely not as smooth as 16.

  5. Install from GJ zip file fails every time, even after uninstalling and reinstalling Kodi. Running Windows 7. Any hints? Also tried installing on system running Windows 10. Everything seemed fine, but when I went to the build menu, there was nothing there.

  6. Can you do an updated version of this build because for some reason the “Build Menu” isn’t coming up. It reminds blank.

  7. Hi Peter, I’m new this this Kodi and firestick stuff, and would love to download this onto my newly bought firestick. How would i go about this?

  8. i have tried 3 times now..loaded build… deleted build.. repeat.. from a fresh start??? no luck… providers dont work.. nothing loads.. ahhhhhh .. what i am i doing wrong???? Ihave cleared providers and updated… yet still nothing.. suggestions??


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