BEST KODI ADDONS & SOURCES – JUNE 2017 – KODI 16.1 Jarvis- Super Repo, Fusion, Ares, Merlin Wizard


 install exodus on kodi 2017

Install ALL of the BEST SOURCES & ADDONS for KODI 16.1 Jarvis
NEW Wizard Installer (June 2017) by Cowboys Group

Simple One Click Wizard
Load all the best most popular Kodi Sources for you
Includes the top essential important repos
Easiest Method Ever

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Source Link for Wizard:

Kodi Repositories Includes:
Andy Repo
Ares Project
EPG Ninja
Fire Phantom IPTV
Fusion Box
Genie TV
Hallow TV
Helly Repo
Javi Team
Kodi Master Repo
Noobsandnerds (Community Repo / Total Repo)
Palco TV
Project Mr Network
Super Repo
Team Expat
The Vibe
UFO Repo
Vector Droid Repo
Viendo Kodi Streaming
XBMC repo

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  1. what is false at my kodi? i come to the last point to sports mix but my kodi dont download or enable it? you know answers?

  2. I added the file search. Somehow this addon automatically downloaded to my other kodi devices which I don’t like at all. Why did this happened????

  3. Sorry thank you for a great clear concise tutorial- I’ve never known how to do an add on once my build has been finished-so nicely done and thank you for that?

  4. Well, long story, but had to do a fresh install of jarvis 16.1 . So I thought I would just get the apps I had installed in it before. no joy. so tried multiple other add-ons with no luck. running into all the problems people are explaining below. but, weirdly enough, this one worked for me. go figure. Thanks for the upload.


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